How we Excel

Your Edge…Your Success

Every product and service is the end result of a process, or series of interconnected processes. Customers’ perceptions of value are therefore largely a function of process quality. Yet process is often overlooked as a key success factor, which is why the Continuous Improvement professionals who are trained by us view the “if it works, don’t fix it” maxim as missing the boat. Fact is, every process can be improved, and its customers’ perceptions of quality enhanced.

EZSigma Group is a collegial firm of professionals; recognized experts who have not only trained and certified some of Canada’s most proficient Lean and Six Sigma practitioners, but have managed complex projects in a diversity of public and private sector organizations.Continuous Improvement being something we not only preach in our training sessions, but practice as well, we are also active learners. Contrary to some firms, who take the position that their clients have nothing to teach them, we view every engagement as an opportunity to make Lean and Six Sigma more relevant to more clients in more sectors.

EZSigma Group enterprise value added is delivered under three centres of excellence:

  • Consulting/advisory
  • Project structuring and leadership
  • Lean and Six Sigma training, coaching and credentialing (all proficiency/Belt levels)

Depending on an organization’s process design, quality management or sustainability challenges, we are often asked to deliver value in all three areas in a single synergistic engagement.

Bringing out the Hidden Value

Twenty years of experience supporting clients across a broad diversity of sectors and industries have given us unique insights into hidden value. Our clients have already achieved a level of success by leveraging their distinctive strengths and value propositions. Typically they have experienced impressive revenue multiples, or if they have a public sector service mandate, growth of capacity to fulfill their service mandates, though impressive, has maxed out due to imposed resourcing.

Clients come to us because they have hit the proverbial wall or know they are headed for one. The wall can be pricing and margin pressures, a competitive threat or customer defections due to poor quality. All can be symptomatic of one or more business process ills.

Hitting the wall can happen both to organizations and to individual employees, which is why we view them as distinct, yet related, customers and why our services are designed to serve the interests of both in order to deliver enterpise value. As employees’ skills at managing processes increase, so does the ability of their organizations to increase capacity, improve their customer experience and sharpen their competitive position.

Learning Partner of Choice for Professionals

We launched Canada’s first Lean Six Sigma Open Enrollment program in 2002. Our programs cover 14 courses and all certification levels. We also offer recognized, professionally-aligned courses for individuals who are pursuing, or have completed their Project Management Professional designation, as well as specialty streams for Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Government Services and Financial Services. Click here to learn more about our course offerings or to register.

Learning Partner of Choice for Institutions

We have been Program Director for York University’s Schulich School of Business Lean Six Sigma Centre of Excellence since 2004. We are also the Program Director for Lean Six Sigma training for the continuing education programs at University of Winnipeg, University of Victoria, Saint Mary’s University, Memorial University, and Carleton University.

We are a Registered Education Provider for Project Management Institute (PMI). Students who take our courses are eligible to earn Professional Development Units (PDU).