What Drives Us

One of our credos is “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Without exception, our corporate mandates are to improve one or more measurable performance indicators, whether we do so directly as external advisors and project leaders, or indirectly as skill developers and certifiers.

Our methods have been successfully applied in hundreds of industrial and service industries. We deliver those methods to two customer groups, each of which have distinct, yet complementary, interests:

  • Individuals who work in both private and public sector organizations who aspire to attain one or more recognized  professional process management certification levels to drive their careers forward. Not all Lean and/or Six Sigma designations are created equal, especially when it comes to the Green and Black Belts. When researching your training and certification alternatives, ask whether a certification project is required. If it isn’t, students may have the theoretical knowledge, but not the practical. Our graduates have both.
  • Organizations which are at various stages of the process improvement continuum. From initial adopters who want to train their first employee cohort and apply their skills to modest pilot projects, to advanced practitioners who are ready to move to full business integration of the methods and tools and their governance.

Our Vision and Mission encompass both types of customers.

Our Vision:

To be the process improvement enabler of choice of executives, managers and aspiring process managers whose mandate is to maximize their customer satisfaction through the design and deployment of waste and defect-free service and manufacturing processes.

Our Mission:

To impart our knowledge, insights and expertise to customers for the sole objective of conspicuously improving their personal and organizational performance.


They are, in a word, impressive. EZsigma Group clients have seen the following validated results:

  • 90% improvement in inventory turns
  • 40% cycle time reductions
  • 90%-100% re-work elimination
  • Proportional operating margin improvements
  • Net payback of $500,000 or more from Black Belt projects
  • Net payback of $150,000 or more from Green Belt projects
  • Internal Rates of Return exceeding 500% are common