Client Advisory and Consulting

It’s All About Hitting Targets--like golf, business is a difficult game to master. Strategic thinking, positional play and concentration all have their place.

Yet with golf, you can choose your course, and the targets are predictably placed. In business or public service delivery, not only do the targets change, the course can as well.

If these are the variables, there must be constants as well, which is where EZSIGMA comes in. We help clients understand how to manage processes dynamically in order to be positioned for changing customer expectations and to re-align processes if necessary.

We also take the guesswork out of knowing where to start…and how to finish.

By partnering with EZSIGMA, clients are able to identify and focus on process changes that make for the biggest impact and provide the fastest Return on Investment with smaller initial investments for their organizations.

EZSIGMA takes great pride in offering full Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Client Advisory programs that include:

EZSIGMA offers unique combination of Lean Six Sigma Consulting, Training and Credentialing services across multiple industry sectors. Our solutions and capabilities along with our consultants and subject matter experts provide our clients with actionable intelligence that not only allow our clients to reap the benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma concepts and techniques, but ensure faster Return on Investment for their respective organizations.

Major sectors we work with include:

  • AerospaceOpen or Close
  • AutomotiveOpen or Close
  • Finance and Shared ServicesOpen or Close
  • Government and Public SectorOpen or Close
  • HealthcareOpen or Close
  • ManufacturingOpen or Close