EZSigma Competitive Strategy

To illustrate the potential that Lean and Six Sigma have to strengthen an organization’s competitive standing, we like to tell the true story of how potential became reality for one of our clients.

The client is a billion dollar enterprise and the acknowledged leader in its field. Indeed, by almost any measure, it is a stellar performer. What about employee morale? They rank consistently among the top Top 50 employers.

Lost time due to accidents? Their experience is so good, that the number looks like a typo. Revenues and earnings? Impressive!
So what was it about Lean and Six Sigma that caught this organization’s attention. The answer is pretty simple. Performance driven organizations propelled by the pride of association and winning attitude of its employees are constantly seeking the next big win, summit or customer compliment. It’s the fuel that drives them, and in their case, Lean in particular was viewed as having the potential to move them from “best” to “better than best”.