Career Development

You Can Have the EdgeRaise your hand if you believe that focusing on the customer, especially in uncertain times, has ever been a poor business or professional development strategy, or for that matter, public sector service delivery strategy. We all say we practice it; the variable that separates the doers from the achievers. However, it is how customers are listened to and how their definitions of value are translated into processes that deliver expectations when required.

EZSigma gives you the skills to become a better process steward, change agent, coach and process improvement leader; skills which will give you the edge as you aspire to greater responsibility and achievement.

We have helped shared service, manufacturing, financial services, I/T, telecom and government professionals, as well as healthcare professionals at all levels-from diagnostic imaging, to lab testing, to emergency room physicians-turn their focus to internal efficiencies, while at the same time becoming more in tune with the Voice of their Customers; skills which have set them apart from their colleagues. Become a leader in Continuous Improvement with Canada’s original source for Lean and Six Sigma Certification programs.

Levels and Programs

All Belts Plus Specialized Programs — EZSigma delivers training and certification at all “belt” levels for Lean, Six Sigma and combined Lean Six Sigma.

Pre-scheduled public programs are available at different times of the year, delivered through on Quality Campus™e-Learning, class room and blended formats, and client-site programs that are customized for specific audiences to maximize cross-functional learning opportunities.

Specialized programs include those for project managers, health care managers and supply chain managers. We also have specialized application workshops for Environmental Impact Mapping and Mitigation, Architectural Design and Capital Projects.

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  • Lean & Six Sigma Deployment Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Process Design: advanced modeling and simulation
  • Open Enrollment (Public) Training
    • Lean Six Sigma: All sectors, All Belts
  • Information about the Schulich Lean Six Sigma Centre of Excellence (program partner)
  • Distance Learning: LiveWeb, e-Learning, Blended
  • Project coaching and mentoring
  • Corporate on-site training and coaching
  • Train the trainer