Customized Program

EZSigma has the capability to customize programs based on the organization’s need. Our instructors are the best in Canada– they have the ability to meet the stringent requirements of York University Schulich School of Business, ranked #1 in Canada among Business Schools, as well as St. Mary’s University, Sprott School of Business and University of Winnipeg.

We bring real-life experience into the classroom and workshops.  Our instructors are also practitioners who draw on first-hand experience of deploying and supporting Lean Six Sigma in service, manufacturing and public sector environments.  We know what the challenges are and are sensitive to the issues that confront anyone trying to deploy, broaden and sustain a Lean Six Sigma culture in these unique sectors.

We support a number of software analysis and graphing/mapping applications based on the preference of the client, (eg. Visio®, Minitab®, SigmaXL®, ProcessMA®, iGrafx® etc.), and our practitioners can provide training on its application and use.

The least thought of and yet most important element may be the transfer of knowledge from the few experts to the organization as a whole. The philosophy is to create self-reliance and organic growth of the Lean Six Sigma program. The goal is to have knowledge transfer occur throughout the organization (cultural adoption), including leadership and the individual participants.

Our goal is to increase staff participation by providing them with classroom instruction and hands-on coaching / mentoring to rapidly build and increase internal capability. In consultation with respective organizations we develop success criteria for each step and milestone. We emphasize the practical implementation/application of the principles and concepts of Lean and Six Sigma. A successful knowledge transfer is often dependent upon issues and items beyond the scope of the project. The organization should identify and leverage those issues that go beyond tools and are change management related.

Some Examples of Lean Six Sigma Training, CAP and Executive Workshops

(i) Executive / Senior Leadership Workshop
(ii) Deployment Planning, Change Management & Communication
(iii) Champion / Project Sponsor Workshop
(iv) White Belt / Awareness Workshop
(v) Yellow Belt Workshop
(vi) Green Belt Training
(vii) Black Belt Training
(viii) Master Black Belt Certification Program
(ix) Internal Expert Facilitation / “Train the Trainer” (TTT)
(x)  Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Training

Contact us for a customized program that is catered to your specific business needs.